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Environmental Protection, Safety, Health, Quality (ESHQ)

Priority for ESHQ

Environmental protection, safety, health, quality (ESHQ) and long-term profitability are essential and equally important conditions for the survival and the successful development of our company. However, in certain acute situations environmental protection, safety, health, quality will always take precedence over efficiency. These corporate objectives are not mutually exclusive but complementary. Sound future planning includes environmental, energy-efficient and economic considerations and therefore we will continually develop and balance these dual considerations.

Obligatory for All Employees

The company policy is mandatory for every employee and every hierarchical level. All employees are responsible for the implementation of the ESHQ-program. The exemplary role of each line manager is of particular importance in the implementation.

Continuous Improvement

A final standard can never be achieved; neither for the environment, energy efficiency, nor in safety, health or quality. The tasks in these areas grow with the development of the company and the society around us. Therefore both the corporate policy and the resulting concrete measures must be continuously monitored, adjusted and improved.

Environmental protection, energy efficiency, safety, health and quality are corporate objectives to be pursued using similar means and methods. The essential elements of our integrated ESHQ-system include a clearly defined and binding policy, sound documentation, periodic review of standards through internal audits, continuous training of our employees within the personnel development program and an active and open communication of our activities both inside and outside the company.

Environmental Protection

Environmentally-friendly production and processes are prerequisites for the long-term preservation of the United Initiators’ sites. We are committed to acting in a future-orientated and sustainable manner within the meaning of the Responsible Care Program for the chemical industry.

United Initiators is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 both to address any possible environmental consequences and to ensure the continuous improvement of environmental protection. The local employees or their representatives are actively involved in the definition of environmental programs and objectives according to the local requests.

Integrated Environment Protection

Integrated environmental protection starts with the planning of new production facilities. It continues with the selection and procurement of raw materials, the development and application of environmentally friendly production, the manufacture of environmentally friendly products, the well thought-through management of waste materials and the selection of environmentally sound transport methods.
The constant modernization of existing facilities and the on-going development of production equipment and processes to meet state-of-the-art technology (“additive environmental protection”) are, alongside the concept of integrated environmental protection concepts, the second important pillar of the ecologically sound development of the production facility.

Environmental Impact

The impact of current activities on the local environment are monitored and evaluated, and any significant impact on the environment is checked.

Legal Requirements

We meet not only the legal requirements but also voluntarily exceed them; constantly working to prevent and minimize any environmental impact. We strive to avoid emissions (air, water and soil pollution), to minimize noise pollution and waste and to conserve energy and raw materials.


It is the responsibility of management and each employee to identify potential improvements in environmental protection and to develop solutions for their implementation. The regular internal reviews (“audits”) of all divisions and the on-going training of employees with regard to quality, safety and environmental protection serve to support this process of continual improvement.

Product Stewardship/Chemical Management System (CMS)

The responsibility for our products does not stop at the factory gate. It also includes environmentally sound storage, transport, use and disposal. We therefore maintain a regular exchange of information and experience with all partners – suppliers, dealers, transporters and customers. For us, product stewardship means limiting or halting production and sales of products should information pointing to unacceptable risks come to light.

External Contractors

Arrangements are made guaranteeing external contractors working at the site conform to the same environmental standards as ourselves and that our rules for quality, safety and environmental protection are adhered to strictly.

Precautionary Measures

Necessary measures shall be taken to prevent accidental emissions of substances and energy. Special processes minimizing the impact of any accidental discharges are developed in conjunction with the public authorities.



The resources of mother earth are limited. We are committing us to the best possible efficiency to produce and use energy.

Energy efficiency needs new technologies and advanced Energy management tools.

We invest continuously in new technologies to optimize the production and the consumption of energy on our sites.

The main focus for the last few years was on electrical power. Reaching our goals in this field, still define new opportunities and now targeting on the usage and generation of steam, water, compressed air and gas will lead us to a general philosophy in energy management.

That means, we have specific objectives on equipment and production processes to optimize energy related procedures for being best in industry.

Furthermore, the implementation of a specific, energy related management system, the ISO 50001 will help us to define, plan, perform and measure what we are able to achieve. The overall initiative has been rewarded in December 2016 with the achievement of the ISO 50001 certification for the Pullach site being the largest production within the UI network. This is for us another major step to enhance our energy efficiency towards the next level and to further expand this globally.