Our suppliers and the public are important partners with whom we aim to formulate common goals. As such, these partners also share the importance of “customers.”

Process Orientation

Quality means more than mere product control. Quality is a process which is anchored in every area of the business: From product and process development to production and technical advice. Quality also includes the transport, on-time delivery and proper disposal of our products.


We have voluntarily made a commitment to developing, documenting and implementing a quality management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.


An on-going training of all employees and the open access to information in all aspects of our quality system ensure that “quality” is an integral part of both our corporate philosophy, and guides the attitudes and behavior of our employees.

Zero Errors

We understand that we can never achieve a zero error rate. Nevertheless, we will spare no effort in attempting to come as close as possible to this goal. Regular internal audits and periodic checks of our quality system by an independent body – a permanent target-actual comparison – shall help us in approaching this goal.

Continuous Improvement

Alongside safety and environmental protection, quality assurance is also subject to continuous improvements. Globally, the sites of United Initiators have specific workforce improvement programs in place to ensure and support the continuous improvement of the local processes at each site.