The protection of the health and safety of our employees and neighbors is paramount. No one may be harmed, endangered or unreasonably disturbed by the operation of our plant.

Minimizing Hazards and Risks

One of the main tasks of management and all employees is to ensure our work is safety-oriented. Our overriding goal is to minimize the hazards and risks associated with the production, warehousing and use of our products. This aim also extends to the safe transport and disposal of goods. It is therefore necessary to take health and safety aspects into account during the development of new products and processes.

Requirements for Safety

Security is based on three key components:

  • Qualified staff
  • Technical measures
  • Organizational arrangements

Only if all the areas are treated with the same rigor and are constantly checked and improved, optimal protection against short-, medium- or long-term risks can be achieved.

Qualified Employees

Every employee at their individual workplace knows best about the specific problems and opportunities for improvement. Therefore, the involvement of as many people as possible in safety issues, their on-going training, as well as the permanent provision of information about safety-related issues are among the most important tasks of any manager.

Technical Measures

Technical security measures should include:

  • Automatic sprinkler systems in all fire-risk areas
  • Limitation of hazardous material inventory and the smallest possible fire areas
  • Concrete cells with blast release areas
  • Modern, computerized process controls

Organizational Measures

Organizational measures include:

  • An effective and comprehensive safety organization with competent bodies to deal with all aspects of safety
  • The on-going analysis of all risks of a plant (“screening“) and if necessary, the elimination or minimization of the risks.
  • The thorough follow-up of each incident, accident or near-accident and elimination of the cause

Joint Planning

Safe production and use of our products requires the constant exchange of ideas and experience between all stakeholders. An open and trusting cooperation with the relevant authorities is therefore just as important as on-going communication with suppliers, customers and other manufacturers. This also includes our participation in the drafting of workable laws and regulations.


Globally, the United Initiators’ sites refer to local standard regarding Occupational Health and Risk Management Systems.

Occupational health

Occupational Health

The employees’ health, and their ability to work, play an important role in the company’s economic success. Health is closely related to safety, so both behaving in a safe manner in accordance with the safety regulations and a safe plant are prerequisites for protecting the health of our employees.

Only employees who fulfil the health requirements for any particular task are allowed to conduct that task. We actively support our employees in maintaining their health and well-being. An intensive risk assessment provides the basis for preventative occupational medical examinations.

Alcohol and drugs endanger an employee’s own health and that of their colleagues. We therefore enforce an absolute ban on alcohol and drugs on all our sites throughout the company.