UI provides the whole range of organic peroxides as applied in the production of LDPE via both tubular and autoclave technology. With our own fleet of BTC (bulks), IBC and temperature-controlled shipping reefers we are completely flexible to the demand of our customers in all regions of the world.

PVC created with UI initiators


UI provides the full portfolio of organic peroxides and persulfates used in suspension and emulsion polymerization processes for the production of S-PVC, E-PVC and MS-PVC. Typical supply forms for organic peroxides comprise IBC (1 ton), canisters (25kg) for liquids and cardboard (20kg) for solids.

CR-PP bags


PP is one of the most important thermoplastic resins worldwide. Organic peroxides are used to modify reactor grade PP in respective extrusion lines in order to increase MFI (melt flow index) accordingly. Some applications request flame retardant PP. UI provides the whole package of peroxides and FR synergists.


styrenic or polystyrenics food packaging


A wide range of radical inititators is used in the production of polystyrenes and its copolymers, for which UI provides the full range all of organic peroxides and persulfates. The finished goods are used in a huge variety of applications such as food packaging, mass articles, toys, household goods and electronics.

PMMA/acrylates created with polymerization initiators


PMMA and other (meth-) acrylic acid esters are mainly used in the opto-electronical, automotive and construction industry. UI provides all the organic peroxides as applied in the typical polymerization processes in bulk and solution.