Coatings, Dispersions & Specialty Polymers

acrylic resin created with UI organic peroxide used on car


Acrylic resins are one of the most versatile resin types for coatings, adhesives and many other applications. They provide excellent resistance, durability and transparency. UI offers a broad range of high-quality initiators for solvent-based polymerization.

mattress made with styrene-butadien rubber and latex

SBR/Latex Polymers

Main use of Styrene-Butadien Rubber (SBR) is in tires, other applications comprise shoe soles, gaskets and construction. In its latex form SBR is used as a cost-efficient binder for pigments in paper applications. United Initiators offers a complete initiator package for your SBR production.

waffle iron with fluorpolomer coating


Whenever polymers are required for high temperature stability, extreme chemical resistance, or to tailor repellent surfaces and structures, fluoropolymers are usually the first choice. We provide you with the best suited solutions for your fluoropolymer production.

polyvinylacetate as adhesive


PVAc is used in many coatings and adhesive applications such as paper adhesive, impregnation agent, carpet back coating and for chewing gums. It is also the precursor for PVA (Polyvinylalcohol). UI has a longstanding experience in developing and supplying optimum initiator solutions to this industry.

shoe soles made from polyols with UI's initiators


Polyurethanes are among the most versatile polymer-based materials used in a large  variety of applications such as furniture, protective packaging or sports&leisure items. Graft copolymer polyols are an important raw material produced by radical polymerization in particular for polyurethane foam.