Beyond Polymers

oilfield using UI's organic peroxides


UI offers a comprehensive product range for fracturing applications, ranging from coated ammonium persulfate with controlled release properties to organic peroxides and uncoated persulfates allowing tailoring of critical frac fluid parameters such as the breaking point.

synthetic organic compounds created via oxidization

Organic Synthesis

Organic peroxides and mono persulfates are applied for oxidization reactions for the production of a wide range of synthetic organic compounds. CAROAT® can also be applied for in situ formation of highly reactive dioxiranes.

PCB etched with UI's specialty chemicals

Electronics & Etching

Due to their high oxidizing potential, CAROAT® (potassium monopersulfate) and Peroxodisulfates are widely applied for different microetching steps in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCB’s). Particularly CAROAT® yields etching solutions of highest oxidization potential for most accurate, predictable and uniform etching resolutions.

pool treated with UI's CAROAT® potassium monopersulfate

Pool & Spa Care

CAROAT® (potassium monopersulfate) is the first choice for chlorine-free pool care. With the efficiency of a classical shock treatment, it yields to no undesired smell of chlorine also excluding any issues with over-chlorinating. CAROAT® treatment of pool water is surprisingly fast and highly efficient. If desired, CAROAT® can of course also be combined with chlorine-based sanitizers.

denture cleanser created with UI's CAROAT® potassium monopersulfate

Denture Cleaning

CAROAT® (potassium monopersulfate) provides excellent oxidization capabilities for a rapid and efficient cleaning of dentures and braces.
Yet within a few hours, a complete cleansing can be gained.

hair bleached with product made with UI persulfates

Hair Bleaching

Persulfates are efficient bleaching agents for the decolorization or lightening of hair.
UI provides a wide range of freely flowing products, with exceptionally fine particle sizes for the quick preparation of bleaching formulations at your customers.

poultry disinfected with UI's CAROAT persulfate


Due to its high oxidization potential, and its non-toxic decomposition products, CAROAT® provides excellent biocidal properties against pathogens. CAROAT® is widely applied at poultry keeping and for disinfection of other livestock.

soil treated with UI's sodium persulfate (NPS)

Soil Remediation

Due to its high solubility in water (>> 30 % at most application conditions in field), its high oxidizing potential and its non-toxic residual compounds, sodium persulfate (NPS) is a widely used agent for the remediation of chemically contaminated soils.