A leading peroxide producer serving a growing world

United Initiators (“UI”) is the largest, focused global producer of specialty chemical initiators. The company is the only global player providing a full range of both organic peroxides and persulfates (inorganic peroxides). We are the global leader in the manufacturing of persulfates and among the first three suppliers of organic peroxides worldwide. Our network allows us to serve our customers both on a local and global scale. Supply reliability and quality are critical when it comes to peroxides and that’s among the key factors customers choose United Initiators.

Our products are highly essential ingredients for many applications and products within our daily life and are mission critical to produce a large range of polymers and polymer-based materials. The application of our products goes well beyond polymers. They are used in consumer areas such as hair bleaching,  disinfection, denture cleaning and tooth whitening. Industrial applications are comprising etching of printed circuit boards, chemical synthesis, oil&gas exploration, soil remediation and many more.

Safety is a very crucial factor to be successful in our industry. United Initiators applies highest possible safety standards in production and the entire supply chain. We are offering to all our customers an in-depth service and training to handle our products in a safe and efficient manner. High environmental standards are a continuous and central matter within our daily global operations.