molded EPDM rubber created by crosslinking polymers


Crosslinked EPDM is one of the most universal rubber types for many applications. It can be extruded or injection/transfer molded to achieve crosslinked articles with excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance. Finished products comprise cable insulation, profiles, sealings and molded goods.

crosslinking polymer pieces created with HTV-silicone rubber


HTV-silicone rubber can be extruded or injection/transfer molded to achieve crosslinked articles with excellent transparency and thermal stability. Crosslinked products can be cable insulation, medical tubes, remote control parts, food approved pipes, sealings and profiles.

solar panels made with peroxide-crosslinked sheets

EVA (Solar)

Crystal solarwafer cells are embedded in EVA encapsulants, which are crosslinked by peroxides in order to give high transparency, excellent long term UV-resistance and the required insulation properties. Our CUROX SOLAR branded peroxide line ensures a panel lifetime of 20-30 years and beyond.

peroxide crosslinked low density polyethylen wiring


Peroxide crosslinked low density PE (PEX-a) has high thermal stability and chemical resistance. These modified polyolefines are suitable for high- and medium-voltage cable insulation. UI products also find widely use in the PE grafting of silanes yielding PEX-b types after further hydrolysis of the silane-grafted PE.

peroxide crosslinked high/linear low density polyethylen pipes


Peroxide crosslinked high density and linear low density PE types (PEX-a, PEX-b) provide high thermal stability and chemical resistance. UI offers the complete porfolio to modify said polyolefines mainly used in the manufacture of pipes for various water/gas supply applications and rotomolded PE-tanks.

various special rubbers made from crosslinking polymmers

Special Rubbers

Many elastomers such as  SBR, NBR, NR, FKM and TPE are crosslinked by organic peroxides and gain excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance. They are applied in cable insulations, expanded elastomer-foams, profiles, sealings and molded rubber goods.