On October 18, 2012, United Initiators formally started plant construction and held the ground breaking ceremony for its new Persulfate plant in Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park, Hefei / Anhui Province.

In a ceremonial act joined by representatives from the Chinese authorities, specifically Mr. Han Jiang, Mr. Lu Jun, Mr. Huang Hua Bo, and people from the German Consulate General in Shanghai, the foundation stone for the new plant was laid.
The plant with a designated capacity of up to 23.000 mt/year will commence production in the 2nd quarter of 2013 and replace the former plant of United Initiators north of Shanghai.

Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park in Feidong was created just outside Hefei city in 2005 and offers first class conditions for a safe and cost-effective raw material- and energy supply and state-of-the-art facilities for environmental-friendly disposal of waste. The excellent infrastructure with extensive road- and waterways provides a strong basis for supply of customers both domestic and abroad.
The construction of the new plant underscores the strong commitment of United Initiators to its global Initiators business and to further strengthening the position as a leading supplier of Persulfates worldwide.

In his ceremony speech Francois Vleugels, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Directors of United Initiators, said:

“As a global leader in Organic Peroxides and Persulfates, United Initiators has more than 100 years of professional experience with these products with seven production bases globally. Today marks a significant milestone for both our global manufacturing and market development strategy. ….
…. during the plant construction period, we will put forward our best efforts to the project by using an advanced design as well as the German environmental protection concept, outstanding and safe construction standards to make our project a successful model not only for this industrial park but also for Feidong county.”…….
……. “We are confident in building a world class production base of Persulfates of China and to make an active effort to the economy and social development of Feidong county”…….

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