After 15 months of hard work by our global teams, our new 10 ktons per annum Sodium Persulfate (SPS) plant will be operational in Q4/2019 along with commercial sales. This state of the art, world-class plant is based on years of operational excellence from Pullach, Germany, incorporated with numerous process improvement initiatives to enhance operational efficiency while maintaining high HSE standard and tremendous cost competitiveness.

This world class plant is located in a provincial-level chemical park in Huaibei, China with readiness for future expansion. Our direct-electrolysis-based, ammonia-free SPS product will address rapidly increasing demands from such applications as PCB etching, polymer production and various other non-polymer applications in China and the Asia Pacific Region.


This project serves as key foundation stone for our multi-year mega-site build-up efforts in Huaibei, China. Upon completion, our Huaibei site will be UI’s most important regional manufacturing base, serving the growing China and Asia Pacific Market over the next decade. 


With this investment, United Initiators further strengthens its global leadership position for marketing and producing Persulfates, from a capacity as well as from a technological point of view.