The New Generation Accelerators For The Unsaturated Polyester (UP) and Vinylester (VE) Market.

In addition to our POLCOB®1 and POLCOB®5 accelerators, United Initiators introduces a new development of polymer-bound cobalt solutions in a bio-based solvent: POLCOB®A12.

POLCOB®A12 (contains 2% cobalt) is the best alternative for amine containing cobalt octoate solutions. POLCOB®A12 is not CMR classified, therefore working with and applying POLCOB®A12 is free of hazardous emissions. Additionally, toxic migrations are limited (below specific migration limits).

POLCOB®A12 performs comparably to standard cobalt octoate solutions used for curing of unsaturated polyester resins as well as vinyl ester resins. Due to its low viscosity POLCOB®A12 allows an easy dosing by pump Systems.