United Initiators (UI) and Wanhua Chemical Group (Wanhua) would like to announce today that they have started a 50:50 joint venture company based in Yantai (Shandong province).

The Joint Venture will be called UI Wanhua (Yantai) Peroxide Co. Ltd. and will focus on the production and sales of Organic Peroxides, starting with the key raw material TBHP‐70‐AQ. TBHP‐70‐AQ is an important product used as a key building block for many downstream Organic Peroxides. Further applications for TBHP‐70‐AQ include the use in emulsion polymerization for residual monomer content control and in chemical synthesis applications & oxidations. Design and associated permitting of the 20 ktons/a plant, which will be located on Wanhua Chemical’s Yantai chemical complex, is underway. Planned start‐up of the plant is in the first half of 2017.

“For UI’s Organic Peroxide Business this is a significant development step into China. Availability of local sustainably produced & cost‐effective TBHP‐70‐AQ through this JV is a first stepping stone”, says Ed Hoozemans, UI’s CEO and Chairman of the JV’s Board of Directors.

“For Wanhua, diversified use of our streams into the direction of Specialty Chemicals is key to its further development”, says Zengtai Liao, Wanhua Chemical’s CEO.

About United Initiators

United Initiators is a global and leading producer of peroxide based initiators and specialty chemicals. The company offers a broad range of organic peroxides, persulfates and selected specialty chemicals. Organic peroxides are used in a large variety of polymerization processes and polymer processing applications. The use of persulfates ranges from aqueous polymerization processes, over electronics, disinfection, cosmetics, metal etching, paper treatment, Oil & Gas exploration to a broad field of bleaching processes. United Initiators has several production facilities in Europe, North America and the Asia‐Pacific region. UI’s mission is to be the best serving peroxide producer for a growing world.

About Wanhua Chemical

The main business of Wanhua Chemical is the R&D, production and sales of PU series products, like isocyanate and polyol; the series petrochemical products, like PO/AE; the functioning materials of water‐based coatings and the specialty chemicals. As the most competitive MDI producer in the world and the biggest TDI supplier in Europe, Wanhua has 5 manufacturing bases all over the world and has set up more than ten subsidiaries or branches in Europe, Middle‐East, America, Japan, Russia, India, etc.