from left: Johannes Schuster, 1st Chairman of the Isartal Table, Wolfgang Eisenschmied, Chairman of the Works Council United Initiators Pullach, Dr. Iris Nagl, Plant Manager United Initiators Pullach, Renate Kantschuster, organizer in the works council, Heike Burges, Isartalertisch, Christian Boemer, organizer in the works council.

Works council‘s initiative for Christmas:
Employees of United Initiators Pullach donate 10,000 Euros for Isartalertisch

Pullach, March 25, 2021 – Once more the works council of United Initiators Pullach had asked all colleagues for a Christmas fundraising. This time it was contributed to the Isartalertisch. The institution is located right next to the manufacturing site in Pullach.

United Initiators‘ employees donated in total 9,150 Euros, its management rounded up to 10,000 Euros.

During the official handover by the organizers, Johannes Schuster, 1st Chairman of the Isartalertisch, said: “10,000 Euros is really kind of a big deal. I´ve never expected that. I am impressed, surprised and greateful on how United Initiators‘ employees show solidarity with the Isartalertisch e.V.”

“Donations for social projects were initiated by the works council already for years,” says works council chairman Wolfgang Eisenschmied, “for example, in 2019 we donated to an institution that accompanies traumatized children through horse-based therapy. This year we donated for our direct neighbour, the Isartalertisch. To us it is very important to help people which are not doing that well. “