UI offers a comprehensive product range for fracturing applications, ranging from coated ammonium persulfate with controlled release properties to organic peroxides and uncoated persulfates allowing tailoring of critical frac fluid parameters such as the breaking point.

Our CUROX®BRK product line has a leading role for persulfate based breaker systems worldwide.

UI is backward integrated with the key raw material required for this product class.This allows us to produce the ideally shaped ammonium persulfate particles as required for a homogeneous coating of the product. Consequently your field operators will receive product with a consistent coating level (batch after batch), therefore optimizing the controlled release and break of the gel slurry down hole, ultimately lowering the risk and added cost of using more material than necessary.

The coarse material and the consistent coating level of our product lowers the risk of early release and premature breaking of the gel slurry down hole which improves the probability of optimized flow back of produced oil and natural gas, ultimately leading to higher profitability of each frac Job.

Also, UI is the only global manufacturer for both, solid and liquid breaker systems. With our comprehensive portfolio of organic peroxides, we are the world leading player for liquid breaker Systems.

UI maintains a global presence, with regional domestic warehousing options in the western hemisphere, also near the largest shale plays in the United States.

UI offers several packaging options for its products. For details, please use our contact form or contact your sales representative.

For more information on our product portfolio of CUROX®BRK and on our liquid breakers, see also this link: https://www.united-initiators.com/your-markets/applications-beyond-polymers/