Currently our so-called “CC-Initiators” are gathering more and more importance in the industry due to growing concerns with regard to environmental and health risks for DCUP (Dicumylperoxide), especially in specific applications like FR.

Our CUROX CC-DC is a potential replacement of DCUP in EPS (expandable polystyrene) formulations with very similar synergistic effects on bromine as the main flame retardant.

The growing market of XPS (extruded polystyrene foams) in the  building & construction industry requires more and more environment friendly solutions.

Both our CC-Initiators CUROX CC-DC and CUROX CC-P3 can  be applied as environmentally friendly, cost-saving alternatives to DCUP, thus lowering the still needed amount of Bromene significantly.

In addition CUROX CC-Initiators can be applied in flame retardant polypropylene compounds by achieving high FR-efficiency and UL94 V0 approval.

The  toxicity of antimony trioxide / bromene-compounds can be significantly reduced or antimony-content can even be eliminated. Additionally remarkable cost-savings can be achieved.

As the only European producer of “CC-Initiators” United Initiators expects further growth and will continue to invest into this product group accordingly.

CC Sales Sheet